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EST_Item Member List

This is the complete list of members for EST_Item, including all inherited members.

A(const EST_String &name) const EST_Iteminline
A(const EST_String &name, EST_Features &def) const EST_Iteminline
append_daughter(EST_Item *li=0) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
as_relation(const char *relname) const EST_Iteminline
bottom() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
class_init(void) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemprotectedstatic
contents() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
down() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
EST_Item(const EST_Item &item)EST_Item
EST_Item(EST_Relation *rel)EST_Item
EST_Item(EST_Relation *rel, EST_Item *si)EST_Item
EST_Relation (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
exchange_sub_trees (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
F(const EST_String &name) const EST_Iteminline
F(const EST_String &name, float def) const EST_Iteminline
f(const EST_String &name) const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
f(const EST_String &name, const EST_Val &def) const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
f_present(const EST_String &name) const EST_Iteminline
f_remove(const EST_String &name)EST_Iteminline
features() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
first() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
first_leaf() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
I(const EST_String &name) const EST_Iteminline
I(const EST_String &name, int def) const EST_Iteminline
i_same_item (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
in_relation(const EST_String &relname) const EST_Iteminline
insert_above(EST_Item *li=0) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
insert_after(EST_Item *li=0) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
insert_before(EST_Item *li=0) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
insert_below(EST_Item *li=0) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
insert_parent(EST_Item *li=0) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
last() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
last_leaf() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
length() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
ling_class_init (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
merge_item (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
move_item (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
move_sub_tree (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
name() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
next() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
next_item() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
next_leaf() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
operator!= (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
operator<< (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
operator=(const EST_Item &s) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
operator== (defined in EST_Item)EST_Itemfriend
prepend_daughter(EST_Item *li=0) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
prev() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
relation(void) const EST_Iteminline
relation_name() const EST_Item
S(const EST_String &name) const EST_Iteminline
S(const EST_String &name, const EST_String &def) const EST_Iteminline
same_item(const EST_Item *li) const EST_Iteminline
set(const EST_String &name, int ival)EST_Iteminline
set(const EST_String &name, float fval)EST_Iteminline
set(const EST_String &name, double fval)EST_Iteminline
set(const EST_String &name, const EST_String &sval)EST_Iteminline
set(const EST_String &name, const char *cval)EST_Iteminline
set(const EST_String &name, EST_Features &f)EST_Iteminline
set_contents(EST_Item_Content *li) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
set_function(const EST_String &name, const EST_String &funcname)EST_Iteminline
set_name(const EST_String &name) const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
set_val(const EST_String &name, const EST_Val &sval)EST_Iteminline
splice(EST_Item *a, EST_Item *b) (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminlinestatic
top() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
unref_all() (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item
up() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Iteminline
verify() const (defined in EST_Item)EST_Item