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EST_Pathname Member List

This is the complete list of members for EST_Pathname, including all inherited members.

after(int pos, int len=1) const EST_Stringinline
after(const char *s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
after(const EST_String &s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
after(EST_Regex &e, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
append(EST_Pathname directory, EST_Pathname addition) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnamestatic
as_directory(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
as_file(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
at(int from, int len=0) const EST_Stringinline
at(const char *s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
at(const EST_String &s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
at(EST_Regex &e, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
basename(int remove_all=0) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
before(int pos, int len=0) const EST_Stringinline
before(const char *s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
before(const EST_String &s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
before(EST_Regex &e, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
cat(const EST_String s1, const EST_String s2=Empty, const EST_String s3=Empty, const EST_String s4=Empty, const EST_String s5=Empty, const EST_String s6=Empty, const EST_String s7=Empty, const EST_String s8=Empty, const EST_String s9=Empty)EST_Stringstatic
construct(EST_Pathname dir, EST_String basename, EST_String extension) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnamestatic
construct(EST_Pathname dir, EST_String filename) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnamestatic
contains(const char *s, int pos=-1) const EST_Stringinline
contains(const EST_String &s, int pos=-1) const EST_Stringinline
contains(const char c, int pos=-1) const EST_Stringinline
contains(EST_Regex &ex, int pos=-1) const EST_Stringinline
directory(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
divide(EST_Pathname path, int at, EST_Pathname &start, EST_Pathname &end) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnamestatic
Double(bool &ok) const EST_Stringinline
Double(void) const (defined in EST_String)EST_Stringinline
entries(int check_for_directories=1) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
EST_Pathname(void) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
EST_Pathname(EST_String s) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
EST_Pathname(const char *s) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
EST_String(const char *s)EST_String
EST_String(const char *s, int start_or_fill, int len)EST_String
EST_String(const char *s, int s_size, int start, int len)EST_String
EST_String(const EST_String &s, int start, int len) (defined in EST_String)EST_String
EST_String(const EST_String &s)EST_Stringinline
EST_string_size typedefEST_String
extension(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
filename(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
Float(bool &ok) const EST_Stringinline
Float(void) const (defined in EST_String)EST_Stringinline
freq(const char *s) const EST_String
freq(const EST_String &s) const EST_String
freq(EST_Regex &s) const EST_String
FromChar(const char c)EST_Stringinlinestatic
gsub(const char *os, const EST_String &s)EST_Stringinline
gsub(const char *os, const char *s)EST_Stringinline
gsub(const EST_String &os, const EST_String &s)EST_Stringinline
gsub(const EST_String &os, const char *s)EST_Stringinline
gsub(EST_Regex &ex, const EST_String &s)EST_Stringinline
gsub(EST_Regex &ex, const char *s)EST_Stringinline
gsub(EST_Regex &ex, int bracket_num)EST_Stringinline
ignore_volatile(void) volatile (defined in EST_String)EST_Stringinline
index(const char *s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
index(const EST_String &s, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
index(EST_Regex &ex, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
Int(bool &ok) const EST_Stringinline
Int(void) const (defined in EST_String)EST_Stringinline
is_absolute(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
is_dirname(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathname
is_filename(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
is_relative(void) const (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
length(void) const EST_Stringinline
Long(bool &ok) const EST_Stringinline
Long(void) const (defined in EST_String)EST_Stringinline
make_updatable(void) (defined in EST_String)EST_Stringinline
matches(const char *e, int pos=0) const EST_String
matches(const EST_String &e, int pos=0) const EST_String
matches(EST_Regex &e, int pos=0, int *starts=NULL, int *ends=NULL) const EST_String
Number(int i, int base=10)EST_Stringstatic
Number(long i, int base=10)EST_Stringstatic
Number(double d)EST_Stringstatic
Number(float f)EST_Stringstatic
operator char *()EST_Stringinline
operator const char *() const EST_Stringinline
operator const char *() (defined in EST_String)EST_Stringinline
operator!=(const EST_String thing) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator!=(const char *thing) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator()(int i) const EST_Stringinline
operator+ (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnamefriend
operator+ (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnamefriend
operator+(const EST_String addition) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator+(const char *addition) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator+=(const char *addition) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator+=(const EST_String addition) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator+=(const EST_Pathname addition) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator=(const char *str)EST_String
operator=(const char c)EST_String
operator=(const EST_String &s)EST_String
operator==(const EST_String thing) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator==(const char *thing) (defined in EST_Pathname)EST_Pathnameinline
operator[](int i)EST_Stringinline
quote(const char quotec) const EST_String
quote_if_needed(const char quotec) const EST_String
search(const char *s, int len, int &mlen, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
search(const EST_String s, int &mlen, int pos=0) const EST_Stringinline
search(EST_Regex &re, int &mlen, int pos=0, int *starts=NULL, int *ends=NULL) const EST_Stringinline
space(void) const EST_Stringinline
str(void) const EST_Stringinline
subst(EST_String source, int(&starts)[EST_Regex_max_subexpressions], int(&ends)[EST_Regex_max_subexpressions])EST_String
unquote(const char quotec) const EST_String
unquote_if_needed(const char quotec) const EST_String