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EST_TBox< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for EST_TBox< T >, including all inherited members.

c() (defined in EST_TBox< T >)EST_TBox< T >inline
c() const (defined in EST_TBox< T >)EST_TBox< T >inline
dec_refcount(void) (defined in EST_Handleable)EST_Handleableinline
EST_Handleable(void) (defined in EST_Handleable)EST_Handleableinline
EST_TBox(T *c) (defined in EST_TBox< T >)EST_TBox< T >inline
inc_refcount(void) (defined in EST_Handleable)EST_Handleableinline
is_refcounted(void) const (defined in EST_Handleable)EST_Handleableinline
is_unreferenced(void) const (defined in EST_Handleable)EST_Handleableinline
object_ptr() (defined in EST_TBox< T >)EST_TBox< T >inline
object_ptr() const (defined in EST_TBox< T >)EST_TBox< T >inline
refcount(void) const (defined in EST_Handleable)EST_Handleableinline
start_refcounting(int initial=0) (defined in EST_Handleable)EST_Handleableinline
~EST_TBox(void) (defined in EST_TBox< T >)EST_TBox< T >inline