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EST_WFST Member List

This is the complete list of members for EST_WFST, including all inherited members.

add_epsilon_reachable(EST_WFST_MultiState *ms) const EST_WFST
add_state(enum wfst_state_type state_type)EST_WFST
apply_multistate(const EST_WFST &wfst, EST_WFST_MultiState *ms, int in, int out) const EST_WFST
build_and_transition(int start, int end, LISP conjunctions)EST_WFST
build_from_regex(LISP inalpha, LISP outalpha, LISP regex) (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
build_from_rg(LISP inalpha, LISP outalpha, LISP distinguished, LISP rewrites, LISP sets, LISP terms, int max_depth) (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
build_or_transition(int start, int end, LISP disjunctions)EST_WFST
build_tree_lex(LISP inalpha, LISP outalpha, LISP wlist) (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
build_wfst(int start, int end, LISP regex)EST_WFST
complement(const EST_WFST &a)EST_WFST
compose(const EST_WFST &a, const EST_WFST &b)EST_WFST
concat(const EST_WFST &a, const EST_WFST &b)EST_WFST
copy(const EST_WFST &wfst)EST_WFST
cumulate() const EST_WFSTinline
deterministic() const EST_WFST
determinize(const EST_WFST &a)EST_WFST
difference(const EST_WFST &a, const EST_WFST &b)EST_WFST
epsilon_label() const EST_WFSTinline
EST_WFST(const EST_WFST &wfst)EST_WFSTinline
final(int i) const EST_WFSTinline
find_transition(int state, int in, int out) const EST_WFST
in_epsilon() const EST_WFSTinline
in_symbol(const EST_String &s) const EST_WFSTinline
in_symbol(int i) const EST_WFSTinline
in_symbols() const EST_WFSTinline
init(int init_num_states=10)EST_WFST
init(LISP in, LISP out)EST_WFST
intersection(EST_TList< EST_WFST > &wl)EST_WFST
intersection(const EST_WFST &a, const EST_WFST &b)EST_WFST
kkrule_compile(LISP inalpha, LISP outalpha, LISP fp, LISP rule, LISP sets) (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
load(const EST_String &filename)EST_WFST
load_binary(FILE *fd, EST_Option &hinfo, int num_states, int swap) (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
minimize(const EST_WFST &a)EST_WFST
ms_type(EST_WFST_MultiState *ms) const EST_WFST
num_states() const (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFSTinline
operator=(const EST_WFST &a)EST_WFSTinline
out_epsilon() const EST_WFSTinline
out_symbol(const EST_String &s) const EST_WFSTinline
out_symbol(int i) const EST_WFSTinline
out_symbols() const EST_WFSTinline
remove_error_states(const EST_WFST &a)EST_WFST
save(const EST_String &filename, const EST_String type="ascii")EST_WFST
save_binary(FILE *fd) (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
start_state() const (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFSTinline
state(int i) const EST_WFSTinline
state_non_const(int i)EST_WFSTinline
summary() const (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
transduce(int state, int in, int &out) const EST_WFST
transduce(int state, const EST_String &in, EST_String &out) const EST_WFST
transduce(int state, int in, wfst_translist &out) const EST_WFST
transition(int state, int in, int out) const EST_WFST
transition(int state, int in, int out, float &prob) const (defined in EST_WFST)EST_WFST
transition(int state, const EST_String &in, const EST_String &out) const EST_WFST
transition(int state, const EST_String &inout) const EST_WFST
transition_all(int state, int in, int out, EST_WFST_MultiState *ms) const EST_WFST
uunion(EST_TList< EST_WFST > &wl)EST_WFST
uunion(const EST_WFST &a, const EST_WFST &b)EST_WFST