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WVector Member List

This is the complete list of members for WVector, including all inherited members.

a(int n) const (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
a(int n) (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
a_check(int n) constEST_TVector< float >
a_check(int n)EST_TVector< float >
a_no_check(int n) constEST_TVector< float >inline
a_no_check(int n)EST_TVector< float >inline
a_no_check_1(int n) constEST_TVector< float >inline
a_no_check_1(int n)EST_TVector< float >inline
EST_TVector< float >::copy(const EST_TVector< float > &a)EST_TVector< float >
copy_data(const EST_TVector< float > &a)EST_TVector< float >
copy_section(float *dest, int offset=0, int num=-1) const (defined in EST_TSimpleVector< float >)EST_TSimpleVector< float >
def_valEST_TVector< float >static
default_vals()EST_TVector< float >
empty()EST_TVector< float >inline
error_returnEST_TVector< float >static
EST_FVector(int n)EST_FVectorinline
EST_FVector(const EST_FVector &a)EST_FVectorinline
est_load(const EST_String &filename)EST_FVector
est_save(const EST_String &filename, const EST_String &type) (defined in EST_FVector)EST_FVector
EST_TSimpleVector()EST_TSimpleVector< float >inline
EST_TSimpleVector(const EST_TSimpleVector< float > &v)EST_TSimpleVector< float >
EST_TSimpleVector(int n)EST_TSimpleVector< float >inline
EST_TSimpleVector(int n, float *memory, int offset=0, int free_when_destroyed=0)EST_TSimpleVector< float >inline
EST_TVector()EST_TVector< float >
EST_TVector(const EST_TVector< float > &v)EST_TVector< float >
EST_TVector(int n)EST_TVector< float >
EST_TVector(int, float *memory, int offset=0, int free_when_destroyed=0)EST_TVector< float >
fast_a_1(int c) const (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
fast_a_1(int c) (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
fast_a_v(int c) constEST_TVector< float >inline
fast_a_v(int c) (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
fill(const float &v)EST_TVector< float >
get_flt_val(int n) const (defined in WVector)WVectorinline
get_int_val(int n) const (defined in WVector)WVectorinline
get_values(float *data, int step, int start_c, int num_c) const (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >
integrity() const (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >
just_resize(int new_cols, float **old_vals)EST_TVector< float >
length() constEST_TVector< float >inline
load(const EST_String &filename)EST_FVector
memory() constEST_TVector< float >inline
memory() (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
n() constEST_TVector< float >inline
num_columns() constEST_TVector< float >inline
operator!=(const EST_TVector &v) constEST_TVector< float >inline
operator()(int n) constEST_TVector< float >inline
operator*=(const EST_FVector &s)EST_FVector
operator*=(const float f)EST_FVector
operator+=(const EST_FVector &s)EST_FVector
operator/=(const float f)EST_FVector
operator=(const EST_TSimpleVector< float > &s)EST_TSimpleVector< float >
EST_TVector< float >::operator=(const EST_TVector &s)EST_TVector< float >
operator==(const EST_TVector &v) constEST_TVector< float >
operator[](int n)EST_TVector< float >inline
p_column_step (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >
p_memoryEST_TVector< float >
p_num_columnsEST_TVector< float >
p_offsetEST_TVector< float >
p_sub_matrix (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >
resize(int n, int set=1)EST_TSimpleVector< float >
save(const EST_String &filename, const EST_String &type)EST_FVector
set_flt_val(int n, float f) (defined in WVector)WVectorinline
set_int_val(int n, int i) (defined in WVector)WVectorinline
set_memory(float *buffer, int offset, int columns, int free_when_destroyed=0) (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >
set_section(const float *src, int offset=0, int num=-1) (defined in EST_TSimpleVector< float >)EST_TSimpleVector< float >
set_values(const float *data, int step, int start_c, int num_c)EST_TVector< float >
sub_vector(EST_TVector< float > &sv, int start_c=0, int len=-1)EST_TVector< float >
vcell_pos(unsigned int c, unsigned int cs) constEST_TVector< float >inline
vcell_pos(unsigned int c) const (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
vcell_pos_1(unsigned int c) const (defined in EST_TVector< float >)EST_TVector< float >inline
WVector(int n) (defined in WVector)WVectorinline
zero(void)EST_TSimpleVector< float >
~EST_TVector()EST_TVector< float >