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Audio file recording


na_record [options] [-h ] [-f int] [-audiodevice string] [-time float] [-o ofile] [-otype string] [-F int] [-obo string] [-oswap ] [-ostype string] [-p string]

na_record records waveforms from an audio device. It only supports recording for N seconds (default is 10). Specifying the frequency defines the recording frequency (if supported by the hardware). This currently doesn't support NAS audio in.


  • -h: options help
  • -f: int Input sample rate
  • -audiodevice: string use specified audiodevice if appropriate for protocol
  • -time: float Wave length in seconds
  • -o: ofile Output filename. If not specified output is to stdout.
  • -otype: string Output file type, (optional). If no type is Specified the type of the input file is assumed. Supported types are: nist, est, esps, snd, riff, aiff, audlab, raw, ascii
  • -F: int Output sample rate in Hz. If this is different from the input sample rate, resampling will occur
  • -obo: string Output byte order: MSB, LSB, native, or nonnative. Suns, HP, SGI Mips, M68000 are MSB (big endian) Intel, Alpha, DEC Mips, Vax are LSB (little endian)
  • -oswap: Swap bytes when saving to output
  • -ostype: string Output sample type: short, mulaw, byte or ascii
  • -p: string audio device protocol. Ths supported types are sunaudio audio_command linux16audio