Edinburgh Speech Tools  2.4-release
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Parse text using a pre-trained stochastic context free grammar


scfg_parse [options] [-grammar ifile] [-corpus ifile] [-brackets ] [-o ofile]

This parses given text with a given stochastic context free grammar. Note this program is not designed as an arbitrary parser for unrestricted English. It simply parses the input non-terminals with the given grammar. If you want to English (or other language) parses consider using the festival script scfg_parse which does proper tokenization and part of speech tagging, before passing it to a SCFG.


  • -grammar: ifile Grammar file, one rule per line.
  • -corpus: ifile Corpus file, one bracketed sentence per line.
  • -brackets: Output bracketing only.
  • -o: ofile Output file for parsed sentences.