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"Klatt Record" audio examples

Note: this page contains the audio example sthat were distributed on an LP record with: Dennis Klatt's (1987), "Review of text-to-speech conversion for English" J. Acous. Soc. Amer. 82, 737-793. He offers explanations of each of the examples.

These examples were culled from a page at ICSI Berkely composed by Jeff Gilbert and Eric Fosler, Thanks.

Thes files are 8bit 8KHz ulaw and hence are not the same quality as the originals. Also, you can hear some artifacts of the vinyl record.

Part A: Development of speech synthesizers 1939-1982

Part B: Segmental synthesis by rule 1959-1968

Part C: Synthesis by rule of segments and sentence prosody 1968-1980

Part D: Fully Automatic text-to-speech conversion 1968-1985

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