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Speech Synthesis Databases
In order to make building voices easier we offer speech synthesis databases which serve as examples to the techniques described in the festvox document.

General Databases

  • CMU ARCTIC, 18 single speaker speech databases with around 1200 phonetically balanced uttrances.
  • CMU INDIC, 13 single speaker speech databases, Bengali (1), Gujarati (3), Hindi (1), Kannada (1), Marathi (2), Panjabi (1), Tamil (1), and Telugu (3), often with English recordings too.
  • CMU Wilderness, 700 different languages, around 20 hours of aligned text and audio per language. Mined from Bibles from bible.is. Map of languages geolocated.
  • CMU FAF, 107 paragraphs (15,000 words) of single speaker monologues with interesting prosody. Based on Aesop's fables and country descriptions in the CIA world fact book.
  • CMU SIN, speech in noise: speech recorded while noise is playing in the speakers ear's (and when not).
  • CSTR US KED timit University of Edinburgh's male US TIMIT, 452 phonetically balanced utterances.

Limited Domain Databases

Diphone Databases

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