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EST_Complex Class Reference

#include <include/EST_Complex.h>

Public Member Functions

double mag () const
 Polar magnitude, read only.
double ang (int degrees=0) const
 Polar angle, read only.
double & real ()
 The real part - can be used for reading or writing.
double & imag ()
 The imaginary part - can be used for reading or writing.
Constructor functions
 EST_Complex ()
 default constructor, initialises values to 0.0
 EST_Complex (double real, double imag)
 Constructor initialising real and imaginary parts.


EST_Complex operator+ (const EST_Complex &z1, const EST_Complex &z2)
EST_Complex operator+ (const EST_Complex &z, float x)
EST_Complex operator+ (float x, const EST_Complex &z)
EST_Complex operator- (const EST_Complex &z1, const EST_Complex &z2)
EST_Complex operator- (const EST_Complex &z, float x)
EST_Complex operator- (float x, const EST_Complex &z)
EST_Complex operator* (const EST_Complex &z1, const EST_Complex &z2)
EST_Complex operator* (const EST_Complex &z, float x)
EST_Complex operator* (float x, const EST_Complex &z)
EST_Complex operator/ (const EST_Complex &z1, const EST_Complex &z2)
EST_Complex operator/ (const EST_Complex &z, float x)
EST_Complex operator/ (float x, const EST_Complex &z)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const EST_Complex &a)

Detailed Description

A class for complex numbers. The class stores the values as

cartesian real and imaginary parts, but these can be read as polar coordinates using the { mag()} and { ang()} functions. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are supported.

Definition at line 58 of file EST_Complex.h.

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