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EST_Item_Content Class Reference

#include <include/ling_class/EST_Item_Content.h>

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Public Member Functions

const EST_String name () const
void set_name (const EST_String &s)
 set name
EST_Item_Contentoperator= (const EST_Item_Content &a)
Constructor Functions
 EST_Item_Content ()
 Default constructor.
 EST_Item_Content (const EST_Item_Content &content)
 Copy constructor.
 ~EST_Item_Content ()
Relation related member functions
EST_ItemRelation (const char *name)
int in_relation (const EST_String &name) const
int unref_relation (const EST_String &relname)
int unref_and_delete ()

Public Attributes

EST_Features f
 General features for this item.
EST_TKVL< EST_String, EST_Valrelations


class EST_Item
ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const EST_Item_Content &a)

Detailed Description

A class for containing individual linguistic features and references

to relations.

This class contents the potentially shared part of an {EST_Item}. It contains a list of features allowing string names to be related to string, floats, ints and arbitrary objects. It also contains a reference list to the {EST_Item}s indexed by the relation names.

This class should not normally be accessed by anyone other than the {EST_Item}.

Definition at line 67 of file EST_Item_Content.h.

Member Function Documentation

const EST_String EST_Item_Content::name ( void  ) const
return the name of the item, e.g. the name of the phone or the

text of the word

Definition at line 90 of file EST_Item_Content.h.

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