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EST_PredictionSuffixTree Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for EST_PredictionSuffixTree:

Public Member Functions

 EST_PredictionSuffixTree (const int order)
 EST_PredictionSuffixTree (const EST_String filename)
 EST_PredictionSuffixTree (const EST_TList< EST_String > &vocab, int order=2)
void clear (void)
void init (const int order)
double samples () const
int states () const
int order (void) const
void accumulate (const EST_StrVector &words, const double count=1, const int index=0)
int load (const EST_String filename)
int save (const EST_String filename, const EST_PredictionSuffixTree::EST_filetype type=PredictionSuffixTree_ascii)
void build (const EST_String filename, const EST_String prev, const EST_String prev_prev, const EST_String last)
void build (const EST_StrList &input)
void test (const EST_String filename)
void print_freqs (ostream &os)
void print_probs (ostream &os)
const EST_Stringpredict (const EST_StrVector &words) const
const EST_Stringpredict (const EST_StrVector &words, double *prob) const
const EST_Stringpredict (const EST_StrVector &words, double *prob, int *state) const
prob_dist (const EST_StrVector &words) const
double rev_prob (const EST_StrVector &words) const
double rev_prob (const EST_StrVector &words, const EST_DiscreteProbDistribution &pd) const

Protected Member Functions

const EST_Stringppredict (EST_PredictionSuffixTree_tree_node *node, const EST_StrVector &words, double *prob, int *state, const int index=0) const
void p_accumulate (EST_PredictionSuffixTree_tree_node *node, const EST_StrVector &words, double count, const int index=0)
p_prob_dist (EST_PredictionSuffixTree_tree_node *node, const EST_StrVector &words, const int index=0) const

Protected Attributes

int p_order
int num_states

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file EST_PST.h.

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