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EST_SCFG_Chart_Edge Class Reference

#include <include/EST_SCFG_Chart.h>

Public Member Functions

int pos (void)
 Postion, 0 1 or 2, where 0 is empty, 1 is incomplete 2 is complete.
double prob (void)
 Edge probability.
int d1 ()
 (Non)terminal of daughter 1
int d2 ()
 (Non)terminal of daughter 2
Constructor and initialisation functions
 EST_SCFG_Chart_Edge ()
 EST_SCFG_Chart_Edge (double prob, int d1, int d2, int pos)
 ~EST_SCFG_Chart_Edge ()

Detailed Description

An internal class for {EST_SCFG_Chart} for representing edges in the chart during parsing with SCFGs.

A standard Earley type chart edge, with representations for two daughters and a position or what has been recognised. A probability is also included.

Definition at line 58 of file EST_SCFG_Chart.h.

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