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EST_SCFG_Rule Class Reference

#include <include/EST_SCFG.h>

Public Member Functions

 EST_SCFG_Rule (const EST_SCFG_Rule &r)
 EST_SCFG_Rule (double prob, int p, int m)
 Create a unary rule.
 EST_SCFG_Rule (double prob, int p, int q, int r)
 Create a binary rule.
double prob () const
 The rule's probability.
void set_prob (double p)
 set the probability
est_scfg_rtype type () const
 rule type
int mother () const
int daughter1 () const
int daughter2 () const
void set_rule (double prob, int p, int m)
void set_rule (double prob, int p, int q, int r)

Detailed Description

A stochastic context free grammar rule.

At present only two types of rule are supported: { est_scfg_binary_rule} and { est_scfg_unary_rule}. This is sufficient for the representation of grammars in Chomsky Normal Form. Each rule also has a probability associated with it. Terminals and noterminals are represented as ints using the {EST_Discrete}s in {EST_SCFG} to reference the actual alphabets.

Although this class includes a ``probability'' nothing in the rule itself enforces it to be a true probability. It is responsibility of the classes that use this rule to enforce that condition if desired.

Alan W Black (awb@c.nosp@m.str..nosp@m.ed.ac.nosp@m..uk): October 1997

Definition at line 121 of file EST_SCFG.h.

Member Function Documentation

int EST_SCFG_Rule::daughter1 ( ) const

In a unary rule this is a terminal, in a binary rule it is a nonterminal

Definition at line 150 of file EST_SCFG.h.

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