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EST_ServiceTable Class Reference

#include <include/EST_ServiceTable.h>


class  Entry

Static Public Member Functions

static const Entrylookup (const EST_String name, const EST_String type)
static const Entrycreate (const EST_String name, const EST_String type, int socket)
Finding What Services Are Available.

Servers maintain a per-user file which lists the processes which are running in server mode by name. These functions read that table.

static void read_table (void)
 Read the users default table. <filename>~/.estServices</filename>
static void read_table (EST_String socketsFileName)
 Read a specific table.
static void write_table (void)
 Write the users default table. <filename>~/.estServices</filename>
static void write_table (EST_String socketsFileName)
 Write a specific table.
static void list (ostream &s, const EST_String type)
 List the table to given stream.
static void names (EST_TList< EST_String > &names, const EST_String type="")
 Return a list of server names.

Detailed Description

A global table of known services. Used for fringe and festival servers.

Richard Caley rjc@c.nosp@m.str..nosp@m.ed.ac.nosp@m..uk
EST_ServiceTable.h,v 1.2 2001/04/04 13:11:27 awb Exp

Definition at line 49 of file EST_ServiceTable.h.

Member Function Documentation

const EST_ServiceTable::Entry & EST_ServiceTable::lookup ( const EST_String  name,
const EST_String  type 

Return the entry for the server with the given name and type. If no such entry is found a dummy entry with a port of 0 is returned.

Definition at line 281 of file EST_ServiceTable.cc.

const EST_ServiceTable::Entry & EST_ServiceTable::create ( const EST_String  name,
const EST_String  type,
int  socket 

Create an entry for a server of the given name and type which is listening on the given socket.

Definition at line 295 of file EST_ServiceTable.cc.

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