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EST_StringTrie Class Reference

#include <include/EST_StringTrie.h>

Public Member Functions

 EST_StringTrie (const EST_StringTrie &trie)
void copy (const EST_StringTrie &trie)
void * lookup (const EST_String &key) const
 Find contents index by { key}, 0 if there is not contents.
void add (const EST_String &key, void *item)
 Add { item} indexed by { key}, overwriting previous contents.
void clear (void)
 Delete the tree.
void clear (void(*deletenode)(void *n))
 Delete the tree, apply { deletenote} function to each { contents}.
EST_StringTrieoperator= (const EST_StringTrie &a)

Detailed Description

A string tree index class for indexing arbitrary objects by strings of characters.

Note this only deals with 7 but characters, and can only hold one item per index key.

Definition at line 83 of file EST_StringTrie.h.

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