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EST_TIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for EST_TIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry >:

Public Types

typedef EST_TIterator
< Container, IPointer, Entry > 
 Name for an iterator like this.

Public Member Functions

 EST_TIterator ()
 Create an iterator not associated with any specific container.
 EST_TIterator (const Container &over)
 Create an iterator ready to run over the given container.
Iteroperator= (const Iter &orig)
 Copy an iterator by assignment.
Iteroperator= (const Container &over)
 Assigning a container to an iterator sets it ready to start.
void begin (const Container &over)
 Set the iterator ready to run over this container.
void beginning ()
 Reset to the start of the container.
End Tests
bool has_more_elements () const
 True if there are more elements to look at.
bool at_end () const
 True when there are no more.
 operator int () const
Moving Forward
void next ()
 Next moves to the next entry.
Iteroperator++ ()
 The increment operator does the same as next.
Iter operator++ (int dummy)
const Entry & current () const
 Return the element currently pointed to.
const Entry & operator* () const
 The * operator returns the current element.
const Entry & next_element ()
 Return the current element and move the pointer forwards.
unsigned int n () const
 Return the current position.

Protected Attributes

Container * cont
 The container we are looking at.
unsigned int pos
 Position in the structure. May or may not be useful.
IPointer pointer


class EST_TStructIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry >
class EST_TRwIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry >
class EST_TRwStructIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry >

Detailed Description

template<class Container, class IPointer, class Entry>
class EST_TIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry >

Definition at line 81 of file EST_TIterator.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Container, class IPointer, class Entry>
EST_TIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry >::operator int ( ) const

Viewing the iterator as an integer (for instance in a test) sees a non-zero value iff there are elements still to look at.

Definition at line 136 of file EST_TIterator.h.

Member Data Documentation

template<class Container, class IPointer, class Entry>
IPointer EST_TIterator< Container, IPointer, Entry >::pointer

Structure defined by the container class which contains the current state of the iteration.

Definition at line 93 of file EST_TIterator.h.

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