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EST_TValuedEnumI< ENUM, VAL, INFO > Class Template Reference
Collaboration diagram for EST_TValuedEnumI< ENUM, VAL, INFO >:

Public Member Functions

 EST_TValuedEnumI (EST_TValuedEnumDefinition< ENUM, VAL, INFO > defs[])
 EST_TValuedEnumI (EST_TValuedEnumDefinition< const char *, VAL, INFO > defs[], ENUM(*conv)(const char *))
int n (void) const
ENUM token (VAL value) const
ENUM token (int n) const
ENUM nth_token (int n) const
VAL value (ENUM token, int n=0) const
INFO & info (ENUM token) const
ENUM unknown_enum (void) const
VAL unknown_value (void) const
int valid (ENUM token) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual int eq_vals (VAL v1, VAL v2) const
void initialise (const void *defs)
void initialise (const void *defs, ENUM(*conv)(const char *))
void initialise (void)
void initialise (ENUM unknown_e, VAL unknown_v)

Protected Attributes

int ndefinitions
ENUM p_unknown_enum
VAL p_unknown_value
< ENUM, VAL, INFO > * 

Detailed Description

template<class ENUM, class VAL, class INFO>
class EST_TValuedEnumI< ENUM, VAL, INFO >

Definition at line 80 of file EST_TNamedEnum.h.

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