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EST_TrackMap Class Reference

#include <include/EST_TrackMap.h>

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struct  ChannelMappingElement
 structure for the table. More...

Public Types

typedef EST_THandle
< EST_TrackMap, EST_TrackMap
 Table of type to position pairs.

Public Member Functions

 EST_TrackMap (void)
 Default constructor.
 EST_TrackMap (EST_TrackMap &from, int refcount)
 Copy the mapping.
 EST_TrackMap (struct ChannelMappingElement map[])
 Create from static table.
void clear (void)
 Empty the map.
void set (EST_ChannelType type, short pos)
 Record the position of a channel.
short get (EST_ChannelType type) const
 Get the position of a channel.
short operator() (EST_ChannelType type) const
 Get the position of a channel.
bool has_channel (EST_ChannelType type) const
 Does the mapping contain a position for this channel?
short last_channel (void) const
 Returns the index of the last known channel.
EST_ChannelType channel_type (unsigned short channel) const
 Returns the type of the channel at the given position.
EST_TrackMapobject_ptr ()
const EST_TrackMapobject_ptr () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from EST_Handleable
int refcount (void) const
void start_refcounting (int initial=0)
void inc_refcount (void)
void dec_refcount (void)
int is_unreferenced (void) const
int is_refcounted (void) const

Protected Member Functions

 EST_TrackMap (int refcount)
 Creation function used by friends to create refcounted maps.
 EST_TrackMap (const EST_TrackMap *parent, int offset, int refcount)
 Creation function used by friends to create sub-track maps.
void copy (EST_TrackMap &from)
 copy an exiting map.
void init (void)
 Initialise the map.
short get_parent (EST_ChannelType type) const


class EST_Track
ostream & operator<< (ostream &st, const EST_TrackMap &m)

Detailed Description

Track maps provide a mapping from symbolic track names to the actual position of the information within a track frame. The symbolic names are defined by the EST_ChannelType enumerated type.

Track maps can be declared statically by code which always uses tracks of a given style, or they can be built at run time as is done by lpc_analysis to record whichinformation the user has requested. Finally they can be constructed by the Track itself from the names of the channels, for instance when a track has just been read in from a file.

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