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HMM Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for HMM:

Public Member Functions

 HMM (int n, int v)
void init (int n_states, int vsize, int n_streams)
void clear ()
EST_read_status load (EST_String file)
EST_read_status load_portion (EST_TokenStream &ts, int v_size, int n_streams)
EST_write_status save (EST_String file)
HMMoperator= (const HMM &a)
void balls (void)

Public Attributes

EST_String name
EST_String covkind
EST_String durkind
EST_String sampkind
EST_TVector< HMM_Statestate
EST_FMatrix trans
int num_streams
int vecsize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 82 of file EST_HMM.h.

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