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Lattice Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for Lattice:


struct  Arc
struct  Node
struct  symbol_t

Public Member Functions

bool determinise ()
bool prune ()
bool minimise ()
bool expand ()
Nodestart_node ()
bool accepts (EST_TList< symbol_t * > &string)
float viterbi_transduce (EST_TList< EST_String > &input, EST_TList< Arc * > &path, EST_Litem *current_symbol=NULL, Node *start_node=NULL)
float viterbi_transduce (EST_Track &observations, EST_TList< Arc * > &path, float &score, int current_frame=0, Node *start_node=NULL)
float qmap_index_to_value (int index)
int qmap_value_to_index (float value)
EST_String nmap_index_to_name (int index)
int nmap_name_to_index (const EST_String &name)
symbol_talphabet_index_to_symbol (int index)
int alphabet_symbol_to_index (symbol_t *sym)

Protected Member Functions

EST_String name_as_string (EST_IList &l)
int alphabet_index_lookup (int nmap_index, int qmap_index)
bool final (Node *n)
bool build_transition_function ()
bool build_distinguished_state_table (bool **&dst)
bool build_distinguished_state_table_direct (bool **&dst)
bool build_distinguished_state_table_from_transition_function (bool **&dst)
void sort_arc_lists ()
bool link (Node *n1, Node *n2, int label)
void merge_nodes (EST_TList< Node * > &l)
void merge_arcs ()
void prune_arc (Node *node, Arc *arc)
void prune_arcs (Node *node, EST_TList< Arc * > arcs)
void remove_arc_from_nodes_out_list (Node *n, Arc *a)
int node_index (Node *n)

Protected Attributes

float qmap_error_margin
EST_FVector qmap
EST_TVector< EST_Stringnmap
EST_TVector< symbol_talphabet
int e_move_symbol_index
EST_TList< Node * > nodes
EST_TList< Node * > final_nodes
int ** tf


class Lattice_Language_Model
ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const Lattice::symbol_t &sy)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const Lattice::Node &n)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const Lattice::Arc &n)
bool save (Lattice &lattice, EST_String filename)
bool load (Lattice &lattice, EST_String filename)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file EST_lattice.h.

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