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EST_BackoffNgrammarState Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for EST_BackoffNgrammarState:

Public Member Functions

 EST_BackoffNgrammarState (const EST_Discrete *d, int level)
 EST_BackoffNgrammarState (const EST_DiscreteProbDistribution &pdf, int level)
 EST_BackoffNgrammarState (const EST_BackoffNgrammarState &s)
 EST_BackoffNgrammarState (const EST_BackoffNgrammarState *const s)
void clear ()
void init ()
void init (const EST_Discrete *d, int level)
void init (const EST_DiscreteProbDistribution &pdf, int level)
bool accumulate (const EST_StrVector &words, const double count=1)
bool accumulate (const EST_IVector &words, const double count=1)
pdf_const () const
EST_DiscreteProbDistributionpdf ()
double probability (const EST_String &w) const
double frequency (const EST_String &w) const
const EST_Stringmost_probable (double *prob=NULL) const
const int level () const
EST_BackoffNgrammarStateget_child (const EST_String &word) const
EST_BackoffNgrammarStateget_child (const int word) const
void remove_child (EST_BackoffNgrammarState *child, const EST_String &name)
void zap ()
const EST_BackoffNgrammarState
get_state (const EST_StrVector &words) const
bool ngram_exists (const EST_StrVector &words, const double threshold) const
const double get_backoff_weight () const
const double get_backoff_weight (const EST_StrVector &words) const
bool set_backoff_weight (const EST_StrVector &words, const double w)
void frequency_of_frequencies (EST_DVector &ff)
void print_freqs (ostream &os, const int order, EST_String followers="")

Protected Member Functions

EST_BackoffNgrammarStateadd_child (const EST_Discrete *d, const EST_StrVector &words)
EST_BackoffNgrammarStateadd_child (const EST_Discrete *d, const EST_IVector &words)

Protected Attributes

int p_level
double backoff_weight
EST_DiscreteProbDistribution p_pdf
EST_StringTrie children


ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const EST_BackoffNgrammarState &a)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 131 of file EST_Ngrammar.h.

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