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EST_TrieNode Class Reference

#include <include/EST_StringTrie.h>

Public Member Functions

 EST_TrieNode (const int width)
void * lookup (const unsigned char *key) const
 Find the contents for given string, 0 if no current contents.
void add (const unsigned char *key, void *item)
 add { item} for { key} overwriting previous contents
void copy_into (EST_StringTrie &trie, const EST_String &path) const
 copy all entries in trie node into trie

Detailed Description

An internal class for {EST_StringTrie} used to hold represent the node in an string index tree.

This basically represents a 128-branching node (on for each character) plus a contents field for strings ending at this point.

Alan W Black (awb@c.nosp@m.str..nosp@m.ed.ac.nosp@m..uk): June 1996

Definition at line 56 of file EST_StringTrie.h.

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