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EST_WFST_MultiState Class Reference

#include <include/EST_WFST.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EST_WFST_MultiState (enum wfst_mstate_type ty)
int name () const
void set_name (int i)
float weight () const
void set_weight (float w)
void set_type (enum wfst_mstate_type s)
enum wfst_mstate_type type () const
void add (int i)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EST_TList< int >
void init ()
 EST_TList ()
 default constructor
 EST_TList (const EST_TList< int > &l)
 copy constructor
 ~EST_TList ()
int & item (const EST_Litem *p)
const int & item (const EST_Litem *p) const
int & nth (int n)
 return the Nth value
const int & nth (int n) const
 return a const Nth value
const int & first () const
 return const reference to first item in list
int & first ()
const int & last () const
 return const reference to last item in list
int & last ()
 return reference to last item in list
const int & operator() (const EST_Litem *ptr) const
 return const reference to item in list pointed to by { ptr}
int & operator() (const EST_Litem *ptr)
 return non-const reference to item in list pointed to by { ptr}
EST_Litemremove (EST_Litem *ptr)
EST_Litemremove_nth (int n)
 remove nth item, return pointer to previous item
void append (const int &item)
 add item onto end of list
void prepend (const int &item)
 add item onto start of list
EST_Liteminsert_after (EST_Litem *ptr, const int &item)
EST_Liteminsert_before (EST_Litem *ptr, const int &item)
EST_TList< int > & operator= (const EST_TList< int > &a)
 make full copy of list
EST_TList< int > & operator+= (const EST_TList< int > &a)
 Add list onto end of existing list.
void clear (void)
 remove all items in list
void exchange (EST_Litem *a, EST_Litem *b)
 exchange 1
void exchange (int i, int j)
 exchange 2
- Public Member Functions inherited from EST_UList
EST_UItemnth_pointer (int n) const
EST_UIteminsert_after (EST_UItem *ptr, EST_UItem *new_item)
EST_UIteminsert_before (EST_UItem *ptr, EST_UItem *new_item)
EST_UItemremove (EST_UItem *ptr, void(*item_free)(EST_UItem *item))
EST_UItemremove (int n, void(*item_free)(EST_UItem *item))
void exchange (EST_UItem *a, EST_UItem *b)
void exchange (int i, int j)
void reverse ()
int length () const
int index (EST_UItem *item) const
int empty () const
void clear (void)
void append (EST_UItem *item)
void prepend (EST_UItem *item)
EST_UItemhead () const
EST_UItemtail () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EST_TList< int >
typedef int Entry
typedef EST_TIterator
< EST_TList< int >, IPointer,
int > 
typedef EST_TRwIterator
< EST_TList< int >, IPointer,
int > 
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EST_TList< int >
static void free_item (EST_UItem *item)
static void exchange_contents (EST_Litem *a, EST_Litem *b)
 exchange 3
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EST_TList< int >
void point_to_first (IPointer &ip) const
void move_pointer_forwards (IPointer &ip) const
bool points_to_something (const IPointer &ip) const
int & points_at (const IPointer &ip)
- Protected Attributes inherited from EST_UList
- Friends inherited from EST_TList< int >

Detailed Description

an internal class to {EST_WFST} used in holding multi-states when determinizing and find the intersections of other WFSTs.

Definition at line 127 of file EST_WFST.h.

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